Red Hat Jboss

S.No.Training NameDuration
1Jb248 Red Hat Jboss Application Administration I 5 Days
2Jb283 Red Hat Application Development II Implementing Microservice Architectures 4 Days
3Jb348 Red Hat Jboss Application Administration II 4 Days
4Jb371 Red Hat Decision Manager And Red Hat Process Automation Manager 70 Business Users 2 Days
5Jb373 Red Hat Decision Manager And Red Hat Process Automation Manager 70 Developers 4 Days
6Jb421 Camel Integration And Development With Red Hat Fuse 5 Days
7Jb427 Developing Workflow Applications Red Hat Jboss Bpm Suite 3 Days
8Jb435 Enterprise Service Bus Deployment Red Hat Jboss Fuse 2 Days
9Jb439 Red Hat Jboss Fuse Rapid Track 5 Days
10Jb440 Red Hat Jboss Amq Administration 2 Days
11Jb450 Red Hat Jboss Data Virtualization Development 3 Days
12Jb453 Red Hat Jboss Data Grid Development 4 Days
13Jb461 Authoring Rules Red Hat Jboss BRMS 3 Days
14Jb463 Developing Rules Applications Red Hat Jboss BRMS 3 Days
15Jb465 Implementing Red Hat Jboss BRMS 4 Days
16Jb501 Building Advanced Red Hat Enterprise Applications 5 Days


What is Jboss Middleware ?

JBOSS  stands for JavaBeans Open Source Software and JBOSS Glassfish Community Edition is free and JBOSS community server is also free but JBOSS enterprise is not free. JBOSS Enterprise application platform used for building, deploying, and hosting high-transactional Java applications and services. ITS is Red hat Training partner  and can deliver JBOSS trainings in association with Red hat. For JBOSS training or JBOSS examination you can connect us.

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