Red Hat DevOps

S.No.List of Red Hat DevOps TrainingDuration
1Do180 Introduction Containers Kubernetes Red Hat Openshift 3 Days
2Do285 Containers Kubernetes And Red Hat Openshift Administration I 5 Days
3Do405 Configuration Management Puppet 4 Days
4Do407 Automation Ansible I 4 Days
5Do409 Automation Ansible II Ansible Tower 2 Days
6Do410 Automation Ansible And Ansible Tower 5 Days
7Do457 Ansible Network Automation 4 Days

What is DevOps & How it Works?

Development + operations – Devops integrates developer and operations teams in order to improve collaboration and productivity by automating infrastructure, automation workflows and continuously measuring application performance.

Devops is More focus on Automate

  1. Automate code testing
  2. Automate workflows
  3. Automate infrastructure

Devops helps to increase the frequency of Deployment and speed of Deployments

Devops teams write Configuration management code which helps to perform single task on multiple servers in one go.

Benefits of Devops

How Devops Training is beneficial for us? Red Hat DevOps can be delivered with high speed, functionality, & innovation. Continuous software delivery with Less complexity.


Faster time to market – write effective code and delivery to customer will be fast.


More focus on improving the business, In Devops code will be written in discipline and monitored in manner which helps to improve business.


Implementing DevOps will lead to happier customer and happier Developer.

Redhat & DevOps

Red hat is leading company in providing open source software and having multiple products in DevOps segment. To build a strong relation with customer or to improve the customer effecincy on Red hat products , Redhat is always offering training on Red hat Products. Red hat training are complete handson training and it is very product centric.

Red hat products on Devops are Kubernetes , Puppet , Ansible and participants can appear for Red hat Certification after Redhat training.

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