What is Ansible?

What is Ansible ? Ansible is an IT  automation open-source tool, what can delete the job heavy of his lifetime labor, and so will dramatically improve the scalability ,consistency and reliability of your IT environment We’ll start exploring how automate chores repetitive system administration using Ansible , and if want obtain plus information, youcan go much more deep in how use Ansible Cloud with new Academy Introduction to Ansible learning path.

What is Ansible and what can automate?

Can use Ansible to automate three types of tasks :

  • Provisioning : configure the various servers what you need in your infrastructure.
  • Management of the configuration : change the configuration of a application , system operative or device ; start and stop services; install or update applications ; implement a securitypolicy; or perform a broad variety of other configuration tasks.
  • Deployment of applications : Make DevOps plus easy to automate the implementation of applications developed internally in their production systems.

Ansible can automate IT environments whether be hosted on servers traditional virtualization platforms or cloud. As well can Automate the configuration of a broad range of systemsand devices . as databases, storage devices, networks, and many firewalls others. what is ansible

The best part is what neither even needs to know the commands used to perform a particular task . You just need Specify in what state you want what is the system Y Ansibles will take care of it . By example, to ensure that their web servers are running the last Apache version , could use a Playbook similar to the following and Ansible would handle the details. what is ansible

– hosts : web servers

vars :

http_ port : 80

max_ clients : 200

remote user_ : root

chores :

– first name : Make sure what Apache is in the last version

yum : yam = httpd state = latest

– first name : write the file of configuration of Apache

template : src = / srv / httpd . j2 dest = / etc / httpd . conf

notify :

– restart apache

– first name : Make sure apache this running ( Y enable it on startup )

service : first name = state httpd = initiated enabled = yes

manipulators :

– first name : restart apache

service : first name = state httpd = restarted

The line in the playbook earlier than Really install or update Apache is ” yum: name = httpd state = latest ” Simply specify the name of the software package ( httpd ) and the state desired ( more recent ) and Ansible is in charge of the rest . The others tasks in the playbook update the file of configuration of Apache , restart Apache and allow queApache run atboot time. Read one of our previous blog posts How build books game Ansible . what is ansible

Why choose Ansible ?

There are many others IT automation tools available, including the plus mature as Puppet Y Chef Why what would you choose Ansible ? The main reason is simplicity . Michael DeHaan , the creator of Ansible , and I had a lot experience with others tools configuration management when He decided develop a new. He said what I wanted ” a tool that could not use during six months , go back and remember . ” what is ansible

DeHaan achievement this using YAML, a language configuration simple . Puppets and Chef, for other side , they use Ruby , what is plus difficult to learn. This make what Ansible be especially attractive for system administrators. what is ansible

DeHaan as well simplified the deployment of Ansible by leaving him without an agent . Is say , instead of having what install an agent in each system what want administer ( as have what do with Puppet and Chef), Ansible it only requires that the systems have Python (on Linux servers ) or PowerShell (on Windows servers ) and SSH . what is ansible

What is Ansible ? A new learning path

Even though Ansible is plus easy to learn what many of the others IT automation engines, even should learn a lot before you can start using it. To help you with this , Innovative Technology Solutions haslaunched its Introduction to Ansible learning path. what is ansible

Is Learning Path It includes three Video courses :

  • What is the management of the configuration ? A High – level overview of the concepts of configuration management and software options. what is ansible
  • Starting with Ansible : It covers everything , from components of Ansible to writing and debugging playbooks in YAML. what is ansible
  • Introduction to the management of infrastructure ansible : A general view of Ansible Tower ( management own Red Hat add- on Ansible ) Y Ansible Galaxy (a place to find andsharecontent Ansible ).

The practice practice it is fundamental when you learn a new technology, so we have including two red hat ansible courses in the learning path: what is ansible

  • DO407 – Automation with Ansible
  • DO410 – Automation with Ansible & Ansible Tower

Finally , you can try out your knowledge of Ansible by taking the questionnaires.


Whether I need do its lifetime plus easy automating management tasks or is interested in becoming a professional DevOps, Ansible it’s a good place to start . Learn how optimize yourIT operations with Introduction to Ansible . what is ansible