Red Hat Developer Certification is now available

red hat developer certification

Red Hat Developer Certification : The Red Hat certification program provides validation of the skills and knowledge of IT professionals with our subscription products. Red Hat certifications have credibility in the market because they are all obtained by performing one or more practical exams that last several hours. Like most programs offered by technology providers, our most familiar certifications are those of system administrators.

Red Hat Developer Certification

What is less known is that Red Hat offers certifications for developers as well.

Red Hat’s product portfolio goes beyond infrastructure and includes tools for developers such as JBoss Fuse, BRMS (Business Rule Management System), Data Virtualization and Data Grid. These are tools used by developers to create and integrate applications more efficiently and effectively. We focus on developers when it comes to the certifications we offer to support these products. Let’s not forget the Red Hat JBoss enterprise applications platform, for which we offer Red Hat certifications for developers and system administrators.

Providing a meaningful Red Hat certification program for developers has posed some unique challenges, especially given the barrier we established over the years with system administrator certifications. As with our Red Hat system administration exams, all developer exams are completely performance-based, meaning examiners must perform real tasks using the technologies they are testing on. This approach becomes complicated when you start thinking about the development of business applications.

While the business stakeholders may wish otherwise, the development of the application does not start and complete in four hours, which is the duration of our Red Hat developer Certification exams. How do you evaluate in four hours the skills used in the job that can last days, weeks or even more? Fortunately, the real world provides an answer. Most of the time developers work with applications that already exist. Your job is to add new features, expand or improve functionality or, sometimes, just make the thing work in new or unanticipated use cases.

And that’s basically how Red Hat development exams work. The examinees are presented with an existing project to modify, expand and improve according to a set of objective criteria. We evaluate if these criteria are met as we would if we were testing an application before going into production. Consequently, someone who has obtained one of our Red Hat developer certification has performed real-world tasks without help in a controlled environment. That is a powerful validation.

Whether you are relatively new to the Red Hat developer Certification job market or an experienced professional trying to introduce a new Red Hat technology, our certifications can help you demonstrate that you are trained, demonstrated and ready.