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Red hat training is not only simple training on Redhat products, but it gives insight about the Redhat products by which a Redhat Certified Professional can implement, deploy, develop customize solution for his/her organization or customers.

Expand your knowledge

Redhat official training is mix of theory and handson. Redhat trainings are specially designed in a way that every participants should have maximum exposure to Redhat software's and all modules are defined in well manner by which participants can use the Redhat tools effectively and effectively. Expanding the knowledge with Redhat training will make people more efficient and reduce the downtime, which can lead to cost saving and better services to end user experience. ITS the Redhat official training partner is competent to handle the trainings and solutions as per customer need.

Why Train

Train with Redhat - understanding a tool and implement it efficiently in less time with best practices is important. Because the more time you loose in finding a solution that leads to loosing your customer faith and money. So ITS being a Redhat training partner always recommend to have Redhat official training because Redhat Courseware team design the course as with product centric approach, it gives you complete knowledge and make people competent at par with technology. You can approach ITS (Redhat training partner) for Redhat trainings and Redhat certifications.

Why Certify

Redhat Certification - The most recommended and demanding certification in the world. Redhat certification plays an important role in Redhat professional career. Redhat do have training modules on all the Redhat products but a person who is hiring you - how he can judge your knowledge and your credibility, to give a confidence to industry Redhat do conduct practical examination under strict proctor observation. And if one passed Redhat certification on any of product it means you have complete knowledge on product. you can connect ITS for Redhat Certification or Redhat examination. Please feel free our Redhat education advisor for Redhat Training and Certification.

How it works

  • 1 Training need analysis

    Being a Technical training company our Redhat SME will identify, understand & suggest the best suitable Red hat training as per your current need.

  • 2 Training delivery

    ITS Redhat Training partner can deliver customise training and delvier in any mode i.e. Redhat Online training or classroom training at par with global delivery standards.

  • 3 Certification

    Redhat Certifications are compulsory to prove your skills in Technology domain. Redhat examination bootcamp will prepare you for the actual redhat exam. We encourage our all participants to appear for Redhat examination.

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Are you looking for Red Hat training & one of its certification but confused that which one is right for you. Don't Hesitate to consult with one of our Red Hat Certified Expert. This is totally free of cost.

    Build your Career in Red Hat !

    Why to choose Red Hat Certification as a Career Path?

    Red hat official training is key to pass the Red hat certification. All the red hat products are associated with training and certification.

    ITS, the official RedHat training partner can conduct training in online and classroom mode.  Red hat Certification training comes in complete package i.e. instructor, official books and labs for handson.

    For Red hat Certification training, please feel free to contact our Red hat account manager, who can give you help you finding the right solution for your need or if needed he can create a customize solution for your training need.

    Why You should Learn Linux?

    Linux is everywhere – you are most likely already using Linux on a daily Basis…

    FAQs about Red Hat Training

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you get Red Hat Certified?

    To get Red Hat Certified for any of Red Hat certification programs it is always recommended to complete training from Red Hat Certified Training Partner (RHCTP)

    For Example:

    • Enroll for RH124 & RH134 Red Hat training at Red Hat Certified Training Partner
    • Candidate will be provided with official Red Hat courseware kit for RH124 & RH134
    • A Red Hat certified instructor [RHCI] will conduct the training on official lab setup for RH124 & Rh134
    • After completing Red Hat training for RH124 & RH134 candidate should enroll for EX200 exam and once candidate is prepared he should attempt EX200 at Red Hat Certified Training Partner
    • On successfully passing EX200 candidate will be titled as Red Hat Certified System Administrator

    What is Red Hat training?

    Red Hat Training can be taken by ITS on multiple Platform provided with Red Hat For example when a candidate enrolls for RH124 & RH134 training programs at a Red Hat Certified Training Partner and receives the participation certificate after successfully completing the training program.

    What is the salary of a Red Hat Certified Engineer?

    If you are Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) & you are fresher the you can get Avg. Salary of ₹20000/- per month in metropolitan cities of India.

    What does a Red Hat Certified Engineer do?

    A Red Hat Certified Engineer RHCE is involved in hard core Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administration. They are also responsible for deployment, management and maintenance of network services like NFS, FTP, Samba, HTTP and many more.

    How do I become a Red Hat Certified Engineer?

    To become Red Hat Certified Engineer the candidate needs to pass EX200 [RHCSA] and EX300 [RHCE] exams.

    Do Red Hat certifications expire?

    Red Hat Certifications don’t expire but their state from current may change to non current after three years from the date of earning first Red Hat Certification

    Example: If a candidate has earned RHCSA title on April 18, 2019 then his RHCSA title is current from April 18, 2019 till April 17, 2022. RHCSA title of candidate will become non current from April 18, 2022.  

    Which Linux certification is best?

    Well there are various Linux certifications like RHCSA & RHCE for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, LPI is a vendor neutral Linux certification, NCLA and NCLP are Suse Linux certifications. Depending on requirement choose any of them. The most authentic and popular Linux certification is RHCSA and RHCE

    Is RHCE a good certification?

    Yes, RHCE is one of the most required certification today for a candidate working as Linux / Unix administrator.

    How much does Linux certification cost?

    For Linux certification, RHCSA & RHCE are the most popular certifications. According Red Hat cost of RHCSA & RHCE certification keeps on changing every quarter.  In India cost of RHCSA Exam for current quarter is approximately INR 20000/- including taxes

    What is the difference between RHCE and RHCSA?

    RHCSA & RHCE both are different titles awarded by Red Hat to candidate who pass the respective exam. For RHCSA exam candidate is examined on Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems administration tasks where as in RHCE exam candidate is evaluated more on configuring and securing network services NFS, Samba, HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, etc

    Can I take RHCE without RHCSA?

    For pursuing RHCE exam it is mandatory for the candidate to hold RHCSA in current state  

    Is RHCSA required for RHCE?

    Yes, RHCSA in current state is mandatory for pursuing RHCE exam

    How many Red Hat certified architects are there?

    Well it is difficult to give exact count of Red Hat Certified Architects [RHCA’s]. The title of RHCA was launched in the year 2005 by Red Hat. Becoming RHCA was one of the very difficult tasks until early 2015. Since the date Red Hat has introduced multiple tracks for achieving RHCA, the count has increased. For becoming an RHCA, a candidate needs to be RHCE and further he has to clear 05 / 04 Red Hat exams depending on the track he has choose.   

    How much does Rhcsa exam cost?

    In India cost of RHCSA Exam for the current quarter is approximately INR 20000/- including taxes


    What is RH124?

    RH124 is a training program Red Hat Enterprise Linux [RHEL] covering the basics of RHEL in detail. A candidate looking forward to pursue for RHCSA certification is advised to undergo RH124 training.